Company History:

Heiner Franke, founder of FRANKE GmbH in Durlangen, Germany grew up in Oschwatz, in former East Germany.

The family owned and managed a very large and enterprising knitting company.

At the end of World War II the Company was dispossessed and the family fled to freedom in West Germany taking only what they could carry. The Franke family created a new knitting company. Heiner Franke married Inge and together they branched off wanting to produce exclusive baby and childrenswear.

The new company started production in the basement of their rented home in Haselbach a little neighboring town with 50 inhabitants. Here they created and produced FRANKE bini and FRANKE Spatz.

Two world renowned brandnames no win the baby and childrenswear fashion

industry of today. Heiner and Inge’s children have since joined the successful

company in various positions and are presently managing its continuing success. Heiner and Inge still enjoy assisting where they can, and more or less the grandchildren, too.